Tue, Mar 29, 2022 - Sun, Apr 3, 2022
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Temptation Experience
Km. 3.5 Blvd. Kukulcan. Zona Hotelera
Cancun , Mexico 77500, Mexico
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Answered by DesirousParty Staff. For questions regarding this event. you may CALL us at 844-878-4237.
Available 7 days a week, 9am-9pm Central Time Zone
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Update:'s itinerary. Hallway Party from 130am to 330am has been moved to Score Bar After hours. Weather will be much warmer tonite with less wind. So we will appreciate the a.c. in Score after being outside at Club Bash for 4 hours. Mikedrop and Yokai on the decks.

DesirousParty® Vacations is the exclusive booking agent for the THRIVE private Tower group parties, mixers, after parties, bar crawls etc... that will be posted in the group itinerary at a later date. If you do not book with DesirousParty® Vacations then you will not receive the private event THRIVE group wristband unless you purchase the group event ticket. Which is $600 per couple. If you book with DPV then the event wristband is included in your room reservation.  844-878-4237

  • Bash Tower Rooms- 1 Available
  • Jacuzzi Plush Rooms (outside tower)-Sold Out
  • Lush Tower Rooms- SOLD OUT
  • Garden View Rooms (outside Tower)- Sold Out
  • Master Suites- SOLD OUT
  • Penthouses- SOLD OUT

*******Please also note that if you book the THRIVE group trip...You also get 1 year free on the site. Just email us at with your booking confirmation number from DPT  along with your profile name on the DesirousParty site. We will upgrade you to a free year. ******

Trip Booking BellBook Trip
Event Information

"Thriving"-- Feeling good about life and yourself! Will you come out and play??

From the creators of TRYST. THRIVE is the newest signature lifestyle group trip produced by DesirousParty® under the trademarked Dirty Vibes® brand. THRIVE has a Tryst Vibe but THRIVE takes it to another level. Along with dirty disco style theme nights and artists.  it will be an electrifying all-inclusive Lifestyle event catered toward upscale, professional couples and single ladies from across the U.S. and Canada whom are looking for their own Tryst. A spring break gathering ground for Lifestyle pleasure seekers creating the perfect utopia to inspire and fulfill new fantasies, desires, and carnal urges. For Thrive, i.Candy Lifestyle and Invite Only Parties will be sponsors amping up the trip with this awesome artists lists this year.

As DesirousParty® has always produced for the DirtyVibes®  brand. This will be a total Temptation Tower Takeover of every room and suite which includes Bash, Lush, Master Suites, & Penthouses, plus additional rooms in other areas of the resort.  THRIVE group guests will  experience exclusive private group parties at the 7th floor "Sky 3.5 Bar" day and night, after parties in Score Bar, erotic, Dirty Disco style group theme nights, racy day & night pool parties, fun bar crawls, risque room crawls and of course the ever present mixers as well.  A total takeover done DesirousParty®  style.  Of course with every DesirousParty® production, guests will experience headline dj's with the hottest music; high energy pre party acts and top shelf alcohol at our private THRIVE events as well.    


Group Amenities:

  • An electric lifestyle event catered toward sexy upscale professional couples and singles from across the U.S. and Canada
  • THRIVE is brought to you by the production team behind with DesirousParty® Travel being the exclusive booking agent for the trip. 
  • A full Temptation Tower takeover of every room and suite. All 114 rooms plus other rooms across the resort as well.  We are naming it the THRIVE Tower Takeover for our week. As we will be hosting pre-party mixers, room crawls, after parties and much more. Every room in the tower will be part of our group. So no guessing who is and who is not in our group. Plus if you book one of the additional rooms at the resort through DPT then you will also are part of any and all group parties. 
  • Guests who book into the group block also get a free year membership on the website. 
  • Special private group mixers.
  • Headline dj's are announced below in the event section. 
  • Private high energy group parties in the Sky 3.5 Bar and Lounge. Plus our DJ's spinning at Club Bash and the big Sexy pool as well on certain dates. 
  • Electric THRIVE Group Theme Nights- announced in the dress code section below
  • Special THRIVE SWAG for our group trip guests. 

So let your hair down, set your inhibitions aside and join a very sexy group from across the U.S. and Canada for a sexy fun week in the Caribbean.  


Tuesday March 29th

  • 7:30pm-9:30pm- Sky Lounge- Private Group Welcome Mixer - Group Event Wristbands issued. Along with appetizers, created, DV swag passed out etc.....mixing and mingling with everyone from the group.
  • 9:30pm-2am- Sky Lounge- Outrageous Group theme- Takeover of the entire Sky 3.5 Lounge
  • 9:30pm-1030pm- Go Go dancers and special entertianment
  • 9pm-1030pm-Kyd Wicked
  • 1030pm-1130pm- Brookie
  • 11:30p.m.-12:30am- KRTL
  • 12:30am-1:30am- Mikedrop
  • 1:30am-3:30am- Sports Bar After Party for THRIVE Guests Only- 
  • 1:30am-2:30am- BDubs
  • 2:30am-3:30am- TJ Wiler

Wednesday March 30th

  • 11am to 1:30pm- Hang out at the big sexy pool, mixing and mingling
  • 1:30pm-230pm- THRIVE Group Temptation Bar Crawl - (1st Bar to meet at-Boost Bar at Big Sexy Pool on ocean side, then Zilanzio, Lobby Bar and finish at Sky Bar )
  • 230pm-6pm- Sky Lounge Pool Party-
  • 230pm-4:15pm- ScottyBoy with Jason Whitmore on Saxophone
  • 3:30-4:30pm- GoGo Dancers 
  • 4pm-6pm- Bryan Lubliner with TJ Wiler of Yokai
  • 930pm-130am- Sky Bar- Group Theme- Skin
  • 9:30pm-11pm-BDubs
  • 1015pm-1040pm- Special Entertainment
  • 11pm-Midnight--Kyd Wicked with Jason Whitmore on saxophone
  • Midnight-130am-Mikedrop 
  • 1:30a.m.-4a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for THRIVE Guests Only
  • 1:30a.m-4am- B2B- Louis Dee and TJ Wiler of Yokai 

Thursday March 31st--UPDATE......................

  • 1PM-5PM- SKY BAR- DJ'S Lubliner, ScottyBoy and Kyd Wicked
  • 9:30pm-2am- Sky Bar- Group theme- Pour Some Glitter on Me-
  • 9:30-11pm-BDubs
  • 1015pm-1045pm- Special Entertainment
  • 11pm-Midnight- KRTL
  • Midnight-130am-ScottyBoy
  • 1:30a.m.-330a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for THRIVE Guests Only-
  • 1:30am-2:45am-Brookie
  • 2:45am-4am-Bryan Lubliner (DISCO SET)

Friday April 1st

Update:'s itinerary. Hallway Party from 130am to 330am has been moved to Score Bar After hours. Weather will be much warmer tonite with less wind. So we will appreciate the a.c. in Score after being outside at Club Bash for 4 hours. Mikedrop and Yokai on the decks.

  • Noon-3pm- Big Sexy Pool
  • 3pm-6pm- Sky Bar Pool Party with Dirty Vibes Dj's spinning
  • 3pm-4:30- Mikedrop
  • 3:30pm- 4:30pm- GoGo dancers
  • 4:30pm-6pm- Drums of the Sun
  • 9pm-2am- Club Bash- Group Theme- Riot Punk Rock
  • 9pm-10pm- Mixing and mingling at the bar area etc..- 
  • 10pm-11pm- Special Entertainment Selected by your Temptation Production Team
  • 1030pm-Midnight- Kyd Wicked
  • Midnight-130am- Bryan Lubliner
  • 130am -330am- SCORE BAR

Saturday April 2nd

  • Noon-6pm- Big Sexy Pool-
  • 3pm-5pm- Foam Pool Party- Big Sexy Pool- THRIVE Dj's headlining- the Big Sexy Pool Foam Party- stage set up poolside- THRIVE guests will have a special section directly in front of stage. Bali Beds with bottle service can be rented.
  • 3pm-4pm-Bryan Lubliner
  • 4pm-5pm-Kyd Wicked
  • 5pm-6pm- Mikedrop
  • 9pm-10pm- THRIVE Group Mixer- Sky Bar- Saying goodbye, thanking you for joining us and a chance to book future Dirty Vibes Group Trips at a special discount-
  • 9pm-3am- Group Theme- Caribbean Carnival'-
  • 9pm-10pm- BDubs
  • 10:30pm-1am Special entertainment- happening throughout the night. 
  • 10pm-11pm- ScottyBoy
  • 11pm-Midnight-Kyd Wicked
  • Midnight-130am-Drums of the Sun
  • 130am-230am- Mikedrop
  • 230am-330am- Yokai
Drink Specials

A all inclusive experience at the THRIVE Temptation Tower Takeover. 

Theme Nights - Dress Code

Themes- Updated 02-21-2022

  •  Tuesday Night- Outrageous- Compete with friends to have the most WTF outfit. Let your inner Wild child come out to play. Be as Sexy as you want to be. It's all about your sex appeal.
  • Wednesday Daytime- Southern Comfort Texas Style- Daisy Dukes, Bikini tops, Cowboy hats, accessorize how you desire....Sky Bar Pool Party
  • Wednesday Night- Skin-  Calling all SeXXy ladies....LESS is definitely BEST!  Now for those ladies going for that all out bare as you dare look. Body Tape Artist Sinful Designs will be in house and taking reservations.
  • Thursday Daytime- No special theme. You do you boo.
  • Thursday Night- Pour Some Glitter on Me-  Let your creative juices flow with this one 
  • Friday Daytime- Represent Dp/Dv- Purple and Pink or do one color......accessorize however you desre but Furries heads or masks would make for great imagery......Sky Bar Pool Party
  •  Friday Night- Riot Punk Rock- think sexy British Punk Rock- let your inner sexy goth or sexy rocker come out. Get creative with your own version 
  • Saturday Daytime- Foam pool party at big sexy pool .......Lifeguard (bae watch)...
  • Saturday Night- Caribbean Carnival'-  Rio meets Cancun for a night of Caribbean Mardi Gras.. a night of festive colors, feathers, boas......heavy bass, drums, horns etc.... 
Featured DJs and Professionals

Scotty Boy

Las Vegas, Nevada


Houston, Texas

Jason Whitmore- Saxphonists

San Diego, California

Drums of the Sun

, United States

Kyd Wicked

Las Vegas, Nevada


Dallas, Texas


San Antonio, Texas


Houston, Texas


San Francisco, California

Chris Hammett

Los Angeles, California

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