To all members and guests of and, the signature brand of, is no longer using Right Connections Travel as the booking agent for its trips. Desirous Party and Dirty Vibes have ceased any affiliation with Right Connections Travel, and we are NOT involved in the upcoming Cancun Temptation trip in April 2021.

Dirty Vibes is currently organizing a series of signature trips for 2021, and we will have new dates announced very soon.

We are very excited to bring an improved travel experience to our guests. We are committed to the long term quality and premium experience that Dirty Vibes partiers have come to expect from our brands. As always Dirty Vibes and Desirous Party is a reflection of each and every one of you, and we thank you for your support.

Please note that is the only and official website of Dirty Vibes. Please be aware there are unauthorized copycat websites that are not affiliated with

If you have any questions please email us at

TRYST - Temptation Tower Takeover- by Dirty Vibes 2019 Video 3 High energy lifestyle group trips and events

This was a promotion video for the first Temptation Tower takeover by Dirty Vibes in 2019. it speaks the energy, uber sexiness and upscale nature of this society. A brand geared toward the lifestyle couples crowd who stands out amongst the crowd. A takeover featuring pre party mixers, erotica group themes, headline dj's, five star resorts, after parties and so much more. High energy lifestyle group trips and events Video..See More..See Less

Dirty Vibes High energy lifestyle group trips and events
Dirty Vibes
High energy lifestyle group trips and events
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