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DEVIANT- Island Vibes- 2024 Video 36 High energy lifestyle group trips and events

Deviant 2024......Island Vibes Edition F rom the producers of Purgatory, Heaven & Hell ® and Halloween Erotica Ball®, The island trips are about experiences, hanging out with amazing people, and connections and mingling in a #justbeuniquelydifferent vibe. We produce huge high-energy events normally with over 1k plus in attendance three times a year. So this is your chance to take a step back, snorkel right off the infinity pool's edge, capture some amazing sunsets, dance, or chill out to the daytime DJ music vibes. Even go rent a jeep and island hop around Cozumel. In the evening join us for our special DJ sunsets poolside. Then we don't stop the music as we ease into the nighttime themes. The energy rises as our headliners take us to 3 am. As we create a tuluminati vibe with Deep colors lighting up the dance floor and jungle foliage surrounding the pool deck. Party at the sea edge to the dance beats as you continue the vibes all the way to the rooftop after parties. DesirousParty ® and DirtyVbes ® beckon you to DEVIANT, Island Vibes Edition, on the breathtaking island of Cozumel, Mexico. Join us as we return for a Four-night tropical getaway with a total takeover at a boutique resort on the Caribbean Sea's shore. DEVIANT will feature headliner DJs spinning day & night, risqué theme parties, & local musical artists to enhance the island vibes ambiance. High energy lifestyle group trips and events Video..See More..See Less

Dirty Vibes High energy lifestyle group trips and events
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High energy lifestyle group trips and events
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