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DirtyVibes® feature the industry's hottest DJs and Producers, playing a wide range of genres from Top 40 to EDM and House Music.  The following professionals have performed at past events, or are scheduled to perform at upcoming events.

12 K dj Las Vegas Nevada
DJ from Las Vegas Nevada

12 K

Started spinning vinyl in the Cleveland underground rave scene at the age of 16 and newly relocated to Las Vegas. 

Athenz dj Houston TX
DJ from Houston TX


Dj Athenz did her first set for DesirousParty.com in 2017. From her first appearance she immediately became of Dp's resident dj's who regurlarly makes appearances at our events. Dj Athenz is a unique talent that brings a high energy vibe to all her sets. 

AWT dj Las Vegas Nevada
DJ from Las Vegas Nevada


Originally from San Francisco and now a resident of  Las Vegas for the past 17 years. DJing for the last four years, Dj AWT is a huge fan of house, tech house and trap. 

Bdubs dj San Antonio Texas
DJ from San Antonio Texas


BDubs is new the music scene as having stepped up to the descks a litle less than two years ago. He has shown a natural talent is drawn to the house music vibes. 

Ben Bennett dj Los Angeles California
DJ from Los Angeles California

Ben Bennett

BEN BENNETT actively started spinning house music in Southern CA in 2019, where he first played at lifestyle clubs like PLUSH & LUXX. 

beXXX dj Houston Texas
DJ from Houston Texas


A guest of the lifestyle party scene for many years attending so many DesirousParty events. She has now transitioned over to the dj side.

Brookie dj Dallas Texas
DJ from Dallas Texas


Brookie is new to the scene and making her debut in the spring and summer of 2021. Pupiled by some of the hottest musical artists from the Framily Vibes crew. She is ready to launch onto the music scene. 

Bryan Lubliner dj New Jersey New Jersey
DJ from New Jersey New Jersey

Bryan Lubliner

The man behind, We Are Never Going Home. 

Buck Rodgers dj Austin Texas
DJ from Austin Texas

Buck Rodgers

Midwestern, now resident Texas. Jordan “Buck” Roders has been making his mark within innovative and atmospheric live sets. He dismantles and then infuses together music making you forget genre, tempo, or release date.

Christian Bradford dj Los Angeles California
DJ from Los Angeles California

Christian Bradford

Hailing from Los Angeles with the slogan, "music sound better with you". 

Donald Glaude dj Seattle Washington
DJ from Seattle Washington

Donald Glaude

Some DJs seek commercial acceptance. Donald Glaude, on the other hand, has always preferred an emotional connection with his audience. For Donald, house music is not simply a mixed bag of sound, but rather an experience that provokes the soul.

DropCap dj Dallas Texas
DJ from Dallas Texas


Dropcap is a dj who hails from Dallas, Texas and has been apart of some of the largest events created by DesirousParty since 2009.  

Drums of the Sun dj
DJ from

Drums of the Sun

Drums of the Sun are an unstoppable force bringing loud, energetic music to dancefloors across the globe.

DSAN4K  photographer Houston Texas
PHOTOGRAPHER from Houston Texas


Dylan Duvall Photos photographer Houston  Texas
PHOTOGRAPHER from Houston Texas

Dylan Duvall Photos

Dylan Duval Photos has been shooting major Dp events for over three years. 

Eddie V dj Houston Texas
DJ from Houston Texas

Eddie V

Eddie V started djing in1989 on two TT 1200s and a Radio Shack mixer. He started out performing at house parties before joining the Army fresh out of high school. 

Faucon dj Fort Worth Texas
DJ from Fort Worth Texas


Faucon is a native Texan with a passion for nature, adventure and music.

Girlbot dj dallas texas
DJ from dallas texas


Let the wobble blow your head off and let the speaker wind carry it from the window to the wall.

jameson dj Ft. Lauderdale Florida
DJ from Ft. Lauderdale Florida


Jameson dj
DJ from


Jason Whitmore- Saxphonists dj San Diego California
DJ from San Diego California

Jason Whitmore- Saxphonists

Jason has been a professional saxophone player since age 18. He focuses on performing live with DJs and working with producers in the studio.

Joe Maz dj Miami  Florida
DJ from Miami Florida

Joe Maz

The name Joe Maz is known throughout clubs & DJs all around the world.

KRTL dj San Francisco California
DJ from San Francisco California


Dj KRTL has gotten sexy people on the dance floor from coast to coast, on Burning Man's Playa, under EDC's electric sky, as well as many other amazing international locales.

Kyd Wicked dj Las Vegas Nevada
DJ from Las Vegas Nevada

Kyd Wicked

Well known for his impressive MC talents and energetic “Party Rock” style of DJing, Kyd Wicked brings out the best in Top 40, EDM and Hip-Hop.

Lizzie Curious dj London
DJ from London

Lizzie Curious

DJ. Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Lizzie Curious is one the most successful female dance music artists in the UK and a global presence to be reckoned with.

Main Event dj Houston TX
DJ from Houston TX

Main Event

DJME aka Dj Main Event is an Electronic Dance Music Dj/Open Format Dj/Remixer/Producer. The Dp party guest can expect to move to the sounds of old school, rock n roll, hip hop, dance, house and a plethora of music styles during his set. Come ready to party and dance the night away in a high energy way.

Mikedrop dj Houston Texas
DJ from Houston Texas


Mike drop is a Texas born and raised DJ . He burst on to the scene in 2018 and has never let off the gas.

No Pants Party dj Los Angeles California
DJ from Los Angeles California

No Pants Party

No Pants Party affinity for infectious bass lines, energetic percussion, and playful vocal samples captivates dance floors during their DJ sets and is evident on their releases with Toolroom, WyldCard, Krafted, Late Night Munchies, and OFDM.

Numolos dj Minneapolis  Minnesota
DJ from Minneapolis Minnesota


Numolos but better knows as Enrique to many is originally from Spain and is known world wide to the lifestyle crowd. 

ONE8SVN dj Dallas Texas
DJ from Dallas Texas


Originally from Los Angeles, California. This now Dallas resident will keep you on the dance floor all night.

PowPow dj Dallas TX
DJ from Dallas TX


Crafting an intoxicating blend of seductive house beats, Pow Pow is your guide to the sexiest groove journey.

Rich B dj Kansas City Missouri
DJ from Kansas City Missouri

Rich B

Rich B has graced the stages all over the world spinning powerful sets, entertaining and has accompanied some of the top names in the industry as well. 

Scooter dj San Diego CA
DJ from San Diego CA


From New York to Miami to Las Vegas: Where the party's hot, you will find Scooter on the turntables. His unparalleled talent and technical skills on the turntables has allowed him to perform in nearly every state in the United States. Scooter has not only established himself as a renowned DJ nationwide, but internationally as well.

Scotty Boy dj Las Vegas Nevada
DJ from Las Vegas Nevada

Scotty Boy

Voted one of the Top 10 DJ's in America 3 years in a row by DJ Times Magazine and ranked in the Top 100 DJ's in the world on TheDJlist.com, DJ Scotty Boy is now putting his over 20 years of crowd rocking experience to work in the studio. 

Shadow ReD dj Las Vegas Nevada
DJ from Las Vegas Nevada

Shadow ReD

Stevens "Shadow ReD" Duplessy, renowned for his wide range of musical spins, developed a love and admiration for music at an early age. Developed from "shadow" behind the music and “red” for his passion, Shadow ReD was Brooklyn born and raised in northern New Jersey where he forged multi-cultural friendships and was exposed to a mixed swath of musical genres, from House, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Latin, Reggae, Classics and R&B. This musical melting pot paved the path for his career as an adaptable DJ who can mix it up or embrace a specific style, consistently tailoring to his audience.

ShutterShock photographer Houston Texas
PHOTOGRAPHER from Houston Texas


ShutterShock has come aboard as one of Dp's event photographers. 

TexaCali Studios photographer Houston TX

TexaCali Studios

Visual creative artist specializing in video production

Tremblay dj Dallas Texas
DJ from Dallas Texas


Introducing TREMBLAY, hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Dallas, Texas. With a dynamic journey spanning four years, TREMBLAY has carved a distinct path in the world of DJing. Blending the pulsating beats of House, Tech House, and Deep House with the infectious energy of Disco, TREMBLAY creates an electrifying atmosphere that captivates audiences.

VibeDaddy dj Houston Texas
DJ from Houston Texas


With over 5 years of experience in the music industry, VIBEDADDY has developed a keen sense of what works on the dance floor.

Vox dj Austin Texas
DJ from Austin Texas


Dj-Vox, is an American DJ and producer of underground house music.  Vox always had a passion for music from a young age.  He grew up living on several different continents and absorbed many different sounds and cultures which now help shape what he produces and plays.

Willy dj Cancun
DJ from Cancun


Dj Willy has been a significant part of the music scene for all the Desire Resort properties for many years. He brings a unique energy and can play any genre of music. His speciality is EDM to techno but do not be surprised to hear him drop a mean 80's mashed set that will put all the bodies on the dance floor immediately. 

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