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Purgatory Heaven & Hell 2022 at Doubletree Hotel at IAH Airport hotel Houston Texas

Photos from Purgatory Heaven & Hell 2022 at Doubletree Hotel at IAH Airport. Doubletree Hotel at IAH Airport is a hotel located in Houston Texas. Over 1600 people attended this year from across the U.S., Canada, South America and the UK. One of our largest collaboration of artists as well.. A huge thank you for all our returning guests. Unlike others we do not use google ads or FB ads to promote our events. We let you the party guests be our word of mouth. As you are the best advertisement with your sexy vibes. Which is why every event gets sexier and the vibe stays dirty. Hence why we created DirtyVibes.com with DesirousParty behind the production. Its a special vibe others cannot understand. and those attending for the first time. It was a tremendous four night, five day event.

Big thanks to all the artists, DSan4k videography, Shuttershock photography, Aura Sound Light Team, all our host couples and lastly but not least. Jen and Alex who created the Dirty Vibes® immersion photo experience. They have stepped up in the last two years and taken over as the partners in DesirousParty®Travel and the go to people for all travel concernng Dirty Vibes® and DesirousParty® trips. Remember to always @dirtyvibesparty and @desirousparty as we greatly appreciate it.

Hope to see many of our at Purgatory Heaven & Hell® 2023.

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